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2012 Green Plumbing Mechanical Code Supplement

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The Green Supplement is not a ""greener"" version of the Uniform Codes, but rather a separate document establishing requirements for green building and water efficiency applicable to plumbing and mechanical systems.

The green supplement covers:

  • Water efficiency and conservation including:
  • High efficiency fixtures, fixture fittings, and appliances
  • High efficiency plumbing fittings, fixtures and appliances
  • Water softening equipment
  • Cooling towers and Evaporative cooler
  • Alternate water Source Usage, including gray water, rainwater, and recycled water
  • Water heating system, including equipment efficiency, insulation, recirculation, design and system controls
  • Energy efficiency for HVAC systems based on ASHRAE 90.1 and 90.2
  • Enhanced environmental quality for buildings based on ASHRAE 62.1 and 62.2