2022 California Mechanical Code L/L

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2022 California Mechanical Code 

The CMC provides complete requirements for the installation and maintenance of heating, ventilating, cooling, and refrigeration system, while at the same time allowing latitude for innovations and new technologies. 

. Key changes to the 2022 CMC include:

  • New guards and rails requirements for installation of equipment and appliances on roofs
  • A2L refrigerants requirements for human comfort and machinery room applications
  • New ventilation requirements for transient and nontransient occupancies
  • New ventilation requirements for indoor air quality for residential occupancies
  • Revisions to the requirements for air ducts, including factory-made air ducts and dampers
  • New provisions for factory-built grease ducts
  • New provisions for refrigeration systems, including pressure-limiting devices and hydrostatic expansion
  • Revisions to the sizing requirements for natural gas and propane piping systems
  • Modifications to the pressure rating requirements for hydronic piping applications
  • New requirements for fuel gas piping appliance shutoff valves, test pressure and overpressure
  • protection devices
  • New tube fastener provisions for radiant heating and cooling
  • New requirements for residential compressed natural gas (CNG) fueling systems
  • New fire-extinguishing equipment and carbon monoxide detection requirements for exhaust systems