2018 National Standard Plumbing Code Illustrated

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2018 NSPC Product Description

If you live in New Jersey please call 800-NJA-PHCC or 732-450-0158 to place your order by phone. Orders can also be emailed to Nicole Urizzo Director@nj-phcc.org or www.nj-phcc.org


The 2018 NSPC Illustrated edition published by IAPMO is an updated version of the 2015 National Standard Plumbing Code Illustrated. This code book provides the latest information about common materials, fixtures, devices and equipment systems used or installed in plumbing systems. The illustrations and supplementary notes make it an indispensable training tool. In the 2018 NSPC Illustrated, Appendix G, intended to promote sustainable plumbing practice, has been updated with revised excerpts from the 2015 IAPMO Green Plumbing and Mechanical Code Supplement. This new edition is being printed only in the popular Illustrated format with comments and illustrations clearly shown as supplemental information.