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2015 Minnesota Plumbing Code

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2015 Minnesota Plumbing Code

The new Minnesota Plumbing Code that goes into effect January 23, 2016.  The new code is substantially different from the existing plumbing code and is worth owning in order to install to the new provisions.

Some of the updates to the Minnesota Plumbing Code include:
Completely new layout
• All Shower Drains must be 2”
All Residential Dishwashers must have Air Gap fitting mounted above counter
Water Heater relief valves cannot discharge into the water heater pan
All testable backflow assemblies must be tested annually including Double Check Valve and Pressure Vacuum Breaker assemblies
• Single Wall Heat Exchangers are now allowed
•  Flexible water heater connectors are now allowed
• Push fit now allowed on CPVC, PEX and copper
•  Drain, Waste, Vent, and Water sizing has changed
• Third party product certification required per the product standards listed in Chapter 14


As Chapter 4714 of the Minnesota State Building Code this will be enforced as law effective January 23, 2016.

The new customized code combines the 2012 Uniform Plumbing Code® and the new Minnesota amendments.